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Pedorthic Chirop

Peter: Hey everybody, welcome to another edition of Feel Good Feet. One of the things we have been asked here in the store is that I've got bunions and corns or I pronate and supinate. Really, I just don't know who to go to see or if I should go to see a pedorthist? Should I see a pediatrist? Or chiropodist? What can I do outside of getting great footwear, that's one thing, but taking it a step further into practice, who should I go to see? So maybe you can help us out with that Laura.

Laura: So, in Canada, a pediatrist and a chiropodist are actually the same thing so they work under the same umbrella term of chiropody. And what they focus on is more minor surgery, so corns, callouses, nail care, diabetic ulcers, that sort of thing. And they do sometimes actually do custom orthotics as well. But it's kind of a subset of their practice. Whereas myself, I'm a Canadian certified pedorthist and our specialty, what we focus on and what our training is on, is the custom-made orthotics. What we look at is bio mechanical, your alignment, we look at how that is potentially causing you some pain or causing the bunions, causing the callouses, corns and look at correcting that with a custom orthotic. And a lot of our training is actually the manufacturing process. So how that orthotic is made, how we can adjust it and we can do same day adjustments as well.

Peter: And how you modify shoes as well.

Laura: Yeah. We can actually do shoe modifications as well. It's a big part of our training, which actually separates us from a lot of the other professions.

Peter: Hopefully this helps on depending on the issues, your experience or you may be experiencing or somebody in your family or your friends may be experiencing. This may guide a little bit as to who you should be going to see for the different issues that you may be facing. Our goal here at this little podcast, Feel Good Feet, is to make you feel good everyday on the feet that you have. We're trying to bring a little bit of education and a little bit of interest into what we're doing every day here. And hopefully you've taken away a little bit today. Thanks for joining us for another edition of Feel Good Feet. I'm Peter. You can catch me at or on Facebook at Shoetopia Footwear.

Laura:And I'm Laura at or Align Pedorthics on Facebook.

Peter:Have a great day.

Laura: Bye.

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