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Shoes: Neutral vs Posted vs Stability


Peter: Hey everybody, welcome to another edition of Feel Good Feet. So last time, Laura and I talked a little bit about people that pronate, supinate, and are neutral. So talking a little bit about gait and just to recap that a little bit, neutral shoe, neutral gait, you're kind of like this. Pronating, you kind of roll in, and supinating, you kind of roll out.

  So today we're going talk about a few shoes that might work for those conditions, and we talked a little bit about wear pattern on the bottom, too, in the last video. So if you want to see if you wear differently, you can look at the last video and then you'll get that. With a neutral shoe, basically there's no posting in it. And most people are neutral. So essentially (if you’re neutral), you're good to go with most neutral shoes. When you pronate a little bit, which basically means you're rolling in a little bit, or you're wearing on the inside of your shoe, then you want something with a post. So you can see here that this is actually called out. It's a higher-density material. Essentially, what happens is, when your heels strike like normal, you'll come in. And instead of rolling over and pronating, that higher-density material stops you and kind of guides you through so that you're on a neutral sort of pattern along the way.

Laura: Mm-hmm (affirmative). And then the third option here is kind of the best of both worlds. It's called a neutral stability shoe, and what it means is that it has a nice wide base of support, and then that support that we were talking about goes all the way across. So it gives you a lot of resistance, both inside and outside. So it resists that motion and it gives you a nice platform for the orthotic to go into as well.

Peter:  Yeah. One little tip is; if you have a shoe that's posted on the inside, you should not be putting an orthotic in it. So you really want to stick to something that's neutral or that's full control, so that your orthotic is  going to have the proper support if you do wear orthotics. Occasionally people will come in with orthotics wearing a posted shoe and wondering why their legs or hips or anything are sore. So you want to not do that. We're always here to help you at Shoetopia to pick the right shoe, whether you're wearing an orthotic or not. And happy to do that at all three of our locations.

Laura:Mm-hmm (affirmative). So yes, just to touch on that, if we want to add something into your orthotic, if your shoe wear is super excessive, if you think it's not quite right, we can look at adding something, doing an orthotic, and correcting that gait pattern.

Peter:Exactly. And you find Laura at Align Pedorthics.


Peter:So hopefully you've learned a little bit today, hopefully we've guided you a little bit on some of the footwear, and we're always happy to do that. So have a great day, and we hope to see you soon on the next version of Feel Good Feet.

Laura: Bye.


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