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Feel Good Feet - Sore Feet

Peter: Hey, I'm Peter from Shoetopia.
Laura: And I'm Laura from Align Pedorthics.
Peter: And we're here with another edition of Feel Good Feet. This little series is here to help you feel better every day on your foundation, which are your feet. So one of the things we hear often at both of our businesses is, "My feet are killing me. What do I do?"
Why don't you start us off, Laura?
Laura: The first step that you can take if you're in a lot of pain, whether it's your feet, your knees, is to rest. Whether that is taking some time off from working out, or taking a little bit of time off work, if that's something you're able to do, that's great.
Number two would be icing. A lot of the times, pain in a certain area or a certain joint is inflammation. If you can ice that area, that's going to bring that inflammation down, and ultimately, reduce your pain.
And then number three would be some foot exercises. Working on some exercises can help strengthen the little muscles in your feet and help reduce some of that pain. You can find those on my Facebook page at Align Pedorthics.
Peter: Yeah, from a footwear perspective, of course, getting into a good pair of shoes makes a big difference on your everyday foot comfort. So we're here to help you. I mean, we're a professional shoe store here, so we will work with you and find you the right shoe for whatever it is you're trying to do. I mean, a few of the things that people will talk about often is, "I'm sore at work every day." A lot of times, it's going to be a different shoe to go to work in that you might want to run in.
The other thing we hear a lot is that people are trying to be more athletic, trying to live a more healthy life, and all this kind of stuff. And they're like, "But my feet are killing me and I just, I don't feel like going out and doing it because my feet are sore." Another thing we might hear is something like, "I'm going away on vacation and I don't have any comfortable shoes. I need some help. My feet are sore. What am I going to do?" What else might they try if they're coming in and talking to you with sore feet, Laura?
Laura: If you've tried all these things and you're still not quite getting relief, it might be time to see a pedorthist. What that means is that we can look at how you're walking, look at some of your range of motion, and your alignment, and see how we can help and correct some of those mechanics to relieve the area that's giving you pain.
Peter: Yeah, hopefully this helps. I'm hoping you don't have a lot of foot pain right now, but if you do, we're here to help. I mean, that's what we do every day. You can check us out at Shoetopia Footwear on Facebook or
Laura: And you can find me at Align Pedorthics on Facebook or
Peter: Right on. So have a great day. And here's to happy feet. Bye for now.
Laura: Bye.



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