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Blundstone Care

Blundstone Care

Did you get some new Blundstone's for Christmas? 

Take care of your new Blundstone's or make your old one's new again with these 3 simple steps! 

Step 1: Clean all dirt off your boots using a damp cloth. If you have some stubborn salt on your boots a 2part water 1 part vinegar ratio should do the trick! Just dab on the salt and then wipe clean. 
Let boots dry

Step 2: Using an old sock or a soft cloth, apply the Blundstone renovating cream (used for rustic brown and rustic black boots). This cream is designed to keep the original colour of the boot. If you have a smooth leather Blundstone, you can use some Mink Oil for this step. 

Don't be alarmed! The cream does make the boots darker at first, but once they have dried it goes back to it's original! 

Step 3: This step is completely optional; but highly recommended! Once your boots have had some time to soak up the cream or oil, spray with an all protect spray.
This will add an additional layer of protection to make boot cleaning easier!

There you go! 3 Easy steps to make your Blundstones go from old to new.
Pop by our Fergus or Mount Forest locations to grab your cleaning supplies.

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