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Tour Your Home Town

Tour Your Home Town

“Just because you’ve lived somewhere your whole life, doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything!”

Rebecca and I went on a fun adventure and decided to be tourists in our home town. We discovered many new shops and places on our home town adventure. 

We started our day in the beautiful downtown Elora! Epiphany caught our eye; the window display is gorgeous and displays the store's clothing style perfectly. Neob Lavender was next! If you are looking for something to calm your toddler … try their pillow spray and children’s bath products!

We then headed to good old Fergus. The Bookery was first on our list of stores as Rebecca wanted to check out the crystals and bracelets. Next we went to The Scented Market; a store that has just recently opened in the Fergus area! It was AMAZING and smelt devine. 

Our last stop was The Vault which has recently reopened! We heard good things and decided to go in for a quick bite to eat before heading home. We were NOT disappointed! 

Want to hear more about the individual stores?? Tune in to our next blog to see what we got!

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