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Footbed Cleaning

Footbed Cleaning

Our most popular question this time of year is "How do I clean the foot bed of my sandals?"
Today you are going to learn!

Step 1: Get the supplies you need (from Shoetopia of course!) 
You need: Cleaning block and a Suede/Nubuck brush

Step 2: Use the cleaning block like an eraser and scrub the foot bed! Yes it is normal for the block to leave residue; we will take care of this in step 3!
Step 3: Take the hard bristle side of the brush and continue to scrub! This is where the residue comes in handy. This step is going to bring the nap back up and make your foot bed look relatively new again!

Step 4: This step is completely optional, but definitely necessary if you are going to be wearing your sandals outside! RESEAL YOUR CORK!! 
Here I am using the Volant James cork renew. This goes on white and dries clear (like glue!). You put this ONLY on the visible cork around the bottom of your sandal. This will prevent any moisture from getting in and ruining your sandals! 
Leave this overnight to dry, or until it is clear and no longer sticky!

I hope this helps you with your sandal cleaning this summer! See you next time!! 

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