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Down Time

Down Time

Laura - When I'm not at work you can find me at the park (when it's nice) with my son or knitting in front of the T.V! I am currently working on a blanket.

Rebecca- I'm usually out walking trails on the nice days or at home watching my favourite movies ( usually something spooky ). You can also find me at the ball diamonds!

Michelle- Now that the weather's getting nicer I love to just sit outside and enjoy it while I can and soak up that sunshine. 

Brock- Golfing all day every day!!

Louise- My favourite outdoor activity is horseback riding. I love to ride most days and enjoy competing in barrel racing as often as I can. Evenings, you can find me curled up on a comfy chair with a good book.

Pete- Playing bluegrass music with my friends, getting in 9 holes of golf, hopping on my mountain bike for a ride on the trail, grabbing a book and reading outside in the warmth, oh yeah - I like to fire up the smoker for some yummy bbq too!


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