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Pronate, Supinate


Peter:Hey everybody. Welcome to another version of Feel Good Feet. So, I'm Peter from Shoetopia.

Laura: And I'm Laura from Align Pedorthics.

Peter: And today, we're going talk a little bit about whether you pronate, you supinate, or whether you're a neutral walker and runner.

Laura: So, what those two terms mean are; pronation refers to your foot kind of collapsing inwards. You'll see that the arch flattens out and the ankle bone kind of drops inwards. So, you end up spending more time on the inside of your foot when you over-pronate or hyper-pronate, but a little bit of pronation is okay.

 What supination is, is that you spend more time on the outside of your foot. So you'll see that the ankle kind of tilts outwards and that way you aren't getting as much shock absorption as you maybe should, so we might need to increase the amount of pronation that you have.

Peter: Yeah. So when you take it back to your shoes at home, whether it's your shoe or whether it's somebody in the family that you want know about their gait, you can look mostly at the forefoot of the shoe. Everybody always wears off this heel pattern and that's why with a lot of the shoes, you'll see an extra rubber piece (for durability). It’s pretty normal, just to wear off the outside heel.

What we're looking for here is the forefoot. So, if you're wearing off this inside, that means you're a pronator, as Laura was saying, you're rolling in. And if you're wearing off the outside, then you're supinating, which means you're rolling out a little bit like that.

So, you can check on your own shoes, so long as they're not brand new because you need to actually have some wear on them, and you'll be able to tell right from your own home. So, if you need help with any of this, of course, we're here at Shoetopia, all three locations. And Laura?

Laura:  And I'm at Align Pedorthics, and we may need to adjust your current footwear, modify them, maybe add some orthotics in to help with that gait pattern, but we can always adjust that if we need to.

Peter: Right on. So hopefully you've learned a little bit about pronation and supination. In our next video, we'll talk a little bit about the types of shoes you would wear if you have any of those. Have a great day. Bye for now.

Laura: Bye.

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