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Snow Days with a Toddler

Snow Days with a Toddler

Snow, snow and more .... SNOW! 

Lucky for me my little guy LOVES the snow. He loves it so much that even when it is -20 with wind chill he still wants to go outside! Crazy .. I know. 

Some days it is just, well, too cold to go outside and play for hours on end in the fluffy white stuff known as SNOW

Lucky for me, my son also loves to be creative!

Last week we had a snow day! This day consisted of being lazy and staying in our jammies until noon (the best way to spend the day!). 

After lunch we got bored! It was way too cold to play outside, but we were both restless and needed something to make the time fly by! It had been requested earlier in the week to make some homemade cookies! 
LIGHTBULB! I'm going to make cookies with my 2 year old (because it seemed like a good idea). I got everything ready to make these cookies, got his learning tower and called him over! 

Everything started out GREAT! He helped me pour the ingredients, absolutely LOVED watching the mixer (and reaching out to touch the beater!). Most of all ... he just wanted to eat the batter! So much so that he decided to try the butter and sugar mixture ... YUCK! He didn't like it. 
After mixing EVERYTHING together, he decided to give the batter another go. It was a success! Definitely toddler approved. 

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